Félix Albertos Marco

Template for the Bachelor’s Final Project (TFG)


Template for the Bachelor’s Final Project (TFG)

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This template has been made to easily elaborate the Bachelor’s Final Project (TFG) without worrying about the format, fonts, page jumps …

It uses Markdown as input, which facilitates the portability of the produced work. It is just plain text, without any proprietary format and it is not endorsed to the use of any specific text editor or operating system.

The template itself has been designed to be used in Linux. It takes care of all the elements needed to produce the document. It has an appendix which explains how it works.

Feel free to Contact me if you use it or if you have any doubt.

Here is an example of the pdf document produced by the template.

Download the Template

Known Issues

If you get the following error:

make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found. Stop.

Try changing the makefile, line 24, when it says “PWD” to “shell pwd”.


Changes made to the template. If you have any suggestion or you have any problem using it, please, let me know.